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Online Counselling

Counselling is sometimes referred to as Talking Therapy. But talking in-person with a counsellor isn't alwaystalking face-to-face isn't always practical.
For people with reduced mobility, lack of regular transport, or strong feelings of self-consciousness, sometimes online counselling, either instant messaging or on Skype, is a preferable alternative to meeting in person. 

Online counselling can, in the right circumstances, be an effective counselling tool, and can be used for the duration of our work together, or as a stepping stone to regular in-person meetings.  Initial assessments may be done on the telephone or online if you prefer.
Using online meida, I am trained to offer real-time instant messaging text counselling. A regular 60 minute appointment would be booked for you, as it would be with in-person counselling, at a charge of £45 per hour.  

If you are a full time student, taking an apprenticeship, or in receipt of benefits,  please ask about possible concessions.