Contexts Counselling​
An Integrative Approach
Person-centred counselling lies at the heart of my approach. This means I recognise that we are all unique. It also means that I am optimistic about the human capacity for self-knowledge, empowerment and growth. My role, as a counsellor, is to aspire to being non-judgementally genuine, in order to help you reflect on the many different aspects of who you are.
Where the integrative bit comes in is the additional focus on, not only who you are, but where you are. Modern psychology suggests this is a key element of our self-identity.  Arguably our self-identity is in part created by the social and physical contexts in which we exist, and in which we have evolved. And our sense of satisfaction lies in the ways the various needs and values that co-exist within each of us, interact with the environments in which we live.
What to expect
We will usually meet once a week and each session will last for 60 minutes.  I mostly work from a welcoming and accessible counselling room in North Worcester, close to public transport and with free parking. In some circumstances where it is appropriate for the work, we may involve peripatetic or remote sessions. 

It is up to you what we talk about each week, and how much you want to share. I will listen carefully to what you say, and help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings, without attempting to force a change. Often you may find that change occurs as a natural part of simply acknowledging where you are. 

In addition to working with adults, I work with young people aged 15 years and over. As a successful counselling relationship is built on developing trust, confidentiality is a fundamental principle that is honoured in all bar exceptional circumstances. This is something we will discuss throroughly in our first session together. 

The cost per 60 minute session is £45. If you are a full time higher education student, taking an apprenticeship, or in receipt of benefits, concessions may be available. Peripatetic work is usually charged at  £55/hour.
I request that you give me 24 hours cancellation notice, without which I will usually charge the full cost of the session. 

A Creative Space ​                          


What helps make counselling successful
A counsellor who..........
  • ensures a safe, confidential space
  • is compassionate, non-judgemental and non-directive
  • offers close, empathic listening
  • has faith in the client's potential
  • has the courage to be genuine 
  • works to strong ethical guidelines and receives regular supervision
A client who............
  • commits to regular attendance, whether short or long term
  • is increasingly willing to share their feelings, thoughts and experiences
  • has an awareness that the work can be challenging


Counselling involves better connecting our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes working creatively can help us to do this.  
Some people find writing to be a useful therapeutic tool. As someone who has for over 15 years helped people express themself on the page, you may find that this is a process that you would like us to work with.